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We Moved to New Place in Irvine.

We moved to the below new location – suite 210 in Heritage Plaza at 14200 Culver dr., Irvine with new business name as “Evergreen Acupuncture & Natural Medicine”.

Invigorate Clinic and Facial Clinic is added to make your body and spirit better with our enhanced existing services.

New location

14200 Culver Dr. Suite 210, Irvine, CA 92604


New Service

  • Invigoration Clinic

Components: Invigorate acupuncture, Herb Tea, Aroma Therapy, Machinery massage

Price:  30Min treatment for $40



 Help to relieve discomforts associated with stress and anxiety.


Awake the mind and inspire enthusiasm.


Soothing and restorative properties reduce anxiety and keep tension under control


Relieve headache symptoms.


Alleviate stress, settle your stomach and naturally boost metabolic functions.


Alleviate and flush out toxins with activating blood and Qi circulation.


Enhance concentration and boost your mental clarity.

  • Facial Clinic

Whitening, Lifting, Wrinkle improvement

Facial Acupuncture, Herbal mask pack, Herbal Essence

Price: 30Min treatment for $60,   60Min treatment for $100